Don’t ever lose hope, because every new day is a day closer to Starfleet becoming real

get to know me meme: eleven pairings ♦ danny castellano & mindy lahiri

↳ “I don’t know if you know this, but…you’re my best friend. Sort of my only friend. I need to have you in my life. I have to have you.”

Star Trek: Into Darkness (2013)

1x02 — “Last thought I remember thinking was… just that it was so unfair. Like I’m being benched before I even get to play the game. What was your last thought?”   “I don’t know. Just remember feeling… relief.

Title: I Need My Girl
Artist: The National
Played: 148 times


I Need My Girl - The National

Return to Tomorrow

Have you ever been in love?


pacific rim was a really good movie


- Spock watercolor

"I fell asleep watching the move Amélie and when I woke up, I had spilled so much red wine on myself that I thought for a second that I had been shot."

color meme: the mindy project + pink/blue

I am a black woman, a proud Latino black woman, and nobody’s going to take that right from me.

since the day i could think I’d had this idea in my head, this piercing notion that life was completely meaningless